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We were telling you in May, the fall homecoming looks were “So OMG!” and well, they are! With fall collections being the time for the emerging of upcoming season trends to take shape, the runways for Formal Fashion Week were on fire with styles that first started with homecoming! Homecoming collections from the top prom designers not just showed up as “the look” most wanted for homecoming but also showed out that these are the go to styles for prom 2016. The details are perfection, the designs are spot on and the oohs and aahs are so overwhelming that these beautiful designs will be some of the hottest prom looks for 2016.  So, let’s trend and see what you will be craving as your look for prom 2016.

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Let’s trend for prom 2016…well, of course, we must start with lace!  Actually, you could live in lace this year and be so “Miss Fashionista!”  So, you know your lace (chantilly, alenson, crocheted, guipure or lyon to name a few) or maybe you don’t but this year it really doesn’t matter because lace detail and embellishments are fabulous and looking more stylish than ever.  After all, to most of us lace is lace no matter the type and for prom it even comes in your favorite color, style, with a added detail of a little “bling” and we just found your look! Best of all it’s fashionista ready!

We should warn you becoming obsessed with lace may happen.  With the dainty feminity of lace dresses but the sexy appeal of OMG open backs, plunge necklines and body hugging stretch material the desire for lace looks could be just what you love, need, and want for prom or that special occasion.  We know of only a few fabrics that can make one swoon over a design that has the romantic feel and look of a formal lace gown.

So, this year you must look for at least one lace creation to add to those dressing room must try on styles.  Are you ready yet to plan your prom shopping?  You now it will be here before you know it.  Don’t forget to visit your authorized International Prom Retailer for the best selection of prom 2016!

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The stage is set!  The trends are in place!  The models are dressed!  The music started!  Yes, it was all about Formal Fashion Week Atlanta!  And your authorized International Prom Retailer was there for all the excitement!

World of Prom Formal Fashion Week AtlantaForget about the fun of the Black Tie Gala, the overwhelming amount of selfies, it was the fashion shows that made Formal Fashion Week send all attending into a tail spin of fashion delight.  After all, International Prom’s top designers made sure to turn heads and set trends that you will ultimately want, need and desire for prom 2016.

Your look was there, we can assure you of that!  From those body hugging looks of floor sweeping gowns and ethereal silhouettes to glitz and glamour that graced the runways with every turn, each designer made sure to keep looking toward unique styling while keeping you “on trend.”

So, look forward to those designs hitting the floor of your authorized International Prom retailer as early as November.  So, go ahead and make plans to start your shopping (and buying) while the hottest looks are still available.  Still not see your personal style, we will be posting sneak peeks to our social media channels and we are sure you don’t want to miss the latest!


Beaded Prom Dreses
Why play it safe?  Your vision for fall formal or homecoming 2015 should show off your personal style combined with, of course, a heavy dose of fashion!  And who else to deliver this to you than top prom and pageant designer Sherri Hill.  After all, you want those around you not only to see the exquisite physical details and exceptional quality of your dress but also see the impeccable taste in fashion that makes you shine.

Season after season Sherri Hill shows how traditional silhouettes, modern elements, and couture design can meet with soft pastels, vivid hues and of course natural visions bring about unconventional style which shows a youthful spirit of surprise and delight that make all feel a little “gitty!”

So, don’t be bored by the same!  Step out of your comfort zone and see something fresh and new at your International Prom Retailer.  After all Sherri Hill Homecoming and Pageant is arriving daily!  See you soon to stand out above all!

Sherri Hill Fall Homecoming 2015


Everyone wants a celebrity appearance! So, why can you not make your own celebrity appearance in your favorite La Femme Fashion dress.  Yes, the lead designers of La Femme dresses have rocked the red carpet with some of their top designs making an ultra-glam entrance.  Whether it’s Taylor Swift – sweet, Carrie Underwood – glamorous, or Jordan Sparks – sexy, some of their prized trendy fashion styles have graced more than just music awards and red-carpet galas.

This homecoming 2015 season, you too, can step into the spotlight with one of La Femme Fashions unbelievable design expressions!  A little oomph in a homecoming style or perfect look cocktail dress will transform you into a celebrity diva for that all important arrival appearance.  Yes, their looks will capture your imagination in every unique possibility.

So, why not show your unexpected side while making that fall formal fashion event as elegant and powerful as your true personality. Just make sure it is in a La Femme Fashion look!

Yes, now is the time to visit your Authorized International Prom Association Retailer to find that inspiring look for Homecoming 2015 from La Femme Fashion and follow IPAProm’s our vast social media network to keep up with the latest in prom, pageant, homecoming, and special occasion trends.


Who does not love a lot of bling?  Well, look no further the Fall and Homecoming collections from Alyce Paris is the perfect destination for any one who wants to dazzle.  The glitz of dramatic embellishment with the oh so perfect amount of leg will make those around you stop and stare.

Alyce Paris has showed that with edgy details and revolutionary designs your look will be anything but ordinary.  Instead, you look will be the envy of all those in attendance.  Alyce Paris’s lead designer Claudine Hamm has created some of the most trend setting looks ever.  While Alyce designers have always prided themselves on  being about you and your distinct fashion persona, the influence of Paris fashion and art has allowed for design aspects within the Alyce Paris collections that can not be found in mass within the formalwear industry.  Therefore, giving you exciting creative styling that jet-sets you into the most talked about glamour inspired looks of the night.

Visit your Authorized International Prom Association Retailer for  the latest looks for Homecoming 2015 from Alyce Paris and Claudine for Alyce Paris and follow our vast social media network to keep up with the latest in prom, pageant, homecoming, and special occasion trends.


Sherri Hill 1977

Sherri Hill 1959

Yes, the new 2015 Fall Homecoming styles have been released and we have to say “OMG” they are drop dead gorgeous!  From elegant all over beaded looks that will make all those around stop in their tracks to fun and flirty two pieces that are so cute that you will just have to have one, the fall looks from the top prom designers are sure to make you start your plans to shop till you drop!

After all, we know you need and want to rise to the occasion with the perfect look.  Well, that perfect look has an avant-garde approach this fall season with detailed designs that create the perfect finishing point to your high end look.

So, start looking to your International Prom Association Retailer to find the best of Fall/Homecoming 2015. Or visit our vast social community  for sneak peeks and updates for all you social occasion needs.

Rachel Allan 4007


Red Carpet in a La Femme Fashion dress, Oh Yes! Everyone wants a trendy gorgeous style from the La Femme Fashion’s 2015 prom and evening dress collection! It is not the first time the designers of La Femme Fashion have rocked the red carpet with some of their top prom and evening gown designs making celebrities entrance head-turning. Whether it’s Taylor Swift-sweet, Carrie Underwood-glamorous, or Jordan Sparks-sexy, some of their prize designs have graced more than just music awards and red-carpet galas.  They have graced prom goers seeking that sleek sophistication that is La Femme designs.

This prom 2015 season, you, too, can step into the spotlight with one of their unbelievable expressions from La Femme! A little oomph in a prom 2015 collection dress or sexy short cocktail dress or wait we have it the ultra-glam looks from the GiGi collection will transform you into a celebrity diva for the day! Browse through their global designs to pick out just the right outfit to turn you into a stunner both in and out of the spotlight this season.

Now, are you ready to start shopping for that dream La Femme Fashion dress for your next formal event?  Your International Prom Retailer will be happy to help you make the perfect choice.  So make those shopping plans and we will see you soon for your La Femme Fashion style.


Madison James Prom and Social OccasionMADISON JAMES PROM OR SOCIAL OCCASIONDo you love long formal dresses or does the fun and flirty look of a short prom dress suit your taste?  Well, fear not Madison James has some gorgeous looks that are available in both the long and short of it.  Yes, that’s correct you can fall in love with one look and then pick your length.  The attitude and design of these versatile looks was so on point that choosing your favorite length or dress may be hard.

From beautiful ballgowns to sleek form fitting straight dresses choosing which length you love will be no problem (go with that warm and cozy feeling you had), that is after you figure out which amazing style is your prom or formal look.  Yes, the designers of this top prom dress and social occasion line have made sure you have the look that screams you in the length you desire.   Madison James designers want you to say “I can’t live without it!” while you become completely obsessed with your fashion statement.

Your International Prom Association retailer knows that your formal needs vary  according to your social event.  So, don’t forget to also become a Prom ViP to take advantage of those prom perks while keeping up with all the latest from top prom designer Madison James and their Social Occasion collection by following International Prom’s vast social media network! #ipaprom


Sherri Hill 11272

Sherri Hill 11272

Why not step outside the classic prom look box with what many would say is boho chic while others may say vintage couture. Either way the lace and turquoise trends from Sherri Hill are making such a style “hot” trend for prom 2015 that the top prom retailers are finding it hard to keep up.

Sherri Hill 32230

Sherri Hill 32230

Sherri Hill 32233

Sherri Hill 32233

The looks may make you want to don that favorite pair of cowboy boots or throw on those bead embellished pair of sandals that everyone loves. Either way this look is truly a fashionista favorite that only top prom designer Sherri Hill can capture…and make you have to have!

So if your a bohemian “flower child” or “cowgirl up” at heart look toward this collection of dresses to set the stage for your grand entrance.

Now is the time to head to your favorite International Prom Association Retailer with those boots or sandals just to find that beautiful boho lace prom or formal dress that will make your style shine through from Sherri Hill. Your retailer will be so happy to help you find that perfect “you” prom dress.

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