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A Fresh Look for Alyce Paris in 2013

As Alyce Paris prom dresses move into the beginning of the 2013 prom season, they do it with a fresh start to design. The great honour of designing these gorgeous gowns has been passed down to Alyce Hamm’s brilliant niece head designer Claudine Hamm. With Claudine leading the way for Alyce Paris prom dresses, we are seeing gorgeous styles and flawless attention to detail that Alyce always added to her wonderful creations. Alyce Paris has taken a focus on large stoning (the “it” statement of 2013), full sequins, and adding a goddess-like feel to natural waist flowing dresses.

Alyce Paris 6047 is a perfect example of the extravagant stoning on some of this year’s Alyce Paris and Claudine for Alyce Paris dresses. The all over large beading is so glamorous, and the sheer bodice and skirt give the dress a sexy feel. The halter just gives you more room for beading. Your body will be thanking you all night for putting it in such a stunning piece of art. Also, the lilac to silver stone ombre color looks amazing on tan skin that you will have when prom night rolls around. You will be the shining star of the night in this stunning, one of a kind Alyce Paris gown.

Looking for full sequence dress? Alyce will have you shining all night in 2229. A fuchsia pink one sleeve has just what you’re looking for. The all over sequence will have you feeling like you’re on your own red carpet. One sleeve is very “on spot” this prom season, and everyone can appreciate that you are up to date on prom trends. The slit up the left leg will have you flowing across the dance floor all night will no difficulty, and the few large stones that boarder the neckline sends this dress right over the top! But don’t forget the back because details matter with a strappy open back that adds detail at every turn.

If your style is more elegant and classy, Alyce Paris and Claudine for Alyce Paris can help you “nail” your personality for your 2013 prom. With 2192, you will show off the sophistication and elegance of “Old Hollywood” for your prom. The lace details are absolutely flawless, and they add some pizazz without being over the top. You will shine through in this dress. The sheer skirt is a fashion forward detail that takes a true stylist to pull off, and the cap sleeves are a sophisticated throw back that will put you a step in front of the pack.

Alyce Paris will have everything you want and more for your 2013 prom. Any style, size, and fashion statement you are going for can be found in Alyce Paris and Claudine for Alyce Paris. With fresh designs and styles for this year, you will be rocking uniqueness and personality in whatever dress you may choose. With this prom season almost at a peak, there is no time to waste. Alyce Paris will be waiting to satisfy your every desire in a prom dress.

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